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what i did on my summer vacation - part 1

Holy moly cow. well there went summer.
was it just me or did it feel like there was a collective swoosh sound and a couple blinks??

all the tropes of summer... popsicles, bbqs, corn, watermelon, maybe some swimming, a lot more walking, lazier days... true? perhaps. but also much more.

do you remember having to write those what you did over summer essays when you got back to school. little do those kids realize how great it actually is to reflect on 3 months.

the first part of my summer was spent switching the little's room to a more "big girl room". she picked the paint. we painted her room, the dresser, i took apart, moved and put back together an ikea loft bed by myself [there was some swearing involved]... she picked new sheets and curtains and a rug [all black and gray]. and a chandelier... i think that actually reveals quite a bit about her personality.

then i was frantic getting everything ready to send to christine for CHROMA - the permanent edition. and making su…

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